I’m Back

2 min readMar 3, 2023

It’s been nine-ish years since I left this medium (*wink*) to pursue other interests a world away. A LOT has changed.

About an hour ago, back on my secret Tumblr, I wrote about not returning to this site because, you know, old ghosts and that sort of thing; skeletons in cupboards, essentially.

But there is something about the visual beauty of this website, and the small community of friends I have here, and the bucket load of nostalgia that should be more troubling to me than I’m willing to admit right now that has made me break my hour-long vow of not reviving this account.

I’m not one for long term commitments, so when I hit “Publish”, a streak I was rather proud of will be ruined, and I will once more step closer to the light of normalcy.

The impetus for my renewed interest in public writing has been, sadly, Marc Andreessen’s new Substack publication. Even I will admit there is a lot of benefit to writing. And writing publicly, socially, in spite of the risks, comes with enough reward to not totally abandon the venture.

There’s also a lot of Paul Graham in there too, and odd bits of Jordan Peterson, both by way of writing advice; the argument goes this way — good writing encourages/enables/maintains great thinking and better articulation. And those two things make the individual deadly today.

I don’t intend to argue against that advice. Rather, it is my intension to use it as more fuel to this resumption of publicly airing my thoughts in an easy-going, non-committal way. Like Marc said he’d do!

Rather than lay out a manifesto-of-sorts to set expectations, I will drill this down to the essentials: do not expect anything. I’m as shitty as they come when we’re talking amateurs, and I fully intend to not be too serious about Medium, and anything I write here.

This is a far cry from my previous life on this site, when it was the new hotness. I could argue that this posture is a much healthier way to face many aspects of life, but who’re my kidding: I’m not your self-help diarist.

If you enjoyed this, let me know.